Bio-based formulations

BIOSP line products are formulated to achieve new product sustainability standards.

BIO SP Product line

BIO SP is a family of coating compounds, made with variable percentages of polymers deriving from natural and renewable sources (no oil origin).

Particular mention deserve:

     BIO SP 05 - Breathable waterbased coating compound (30% biobased)
     BIO SP 014 - Waterbased anti fray compound (90% biobased)


BIO SP Applications

The products of the BIO SP line are used for the production of textile traditional articles provided, however, with a much lower content of material of petroleum origin.

The main fields of application are the following:

     waterproof and breathable compounds for technical articles (anoraks, etc.)
     standard coating compounds (footwear and generic coating)
     anti fray compounds for the back coating of synthetic and natural fabrics
     solvent based compounds for the production of waterproof and breathable membranes.

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