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For over 30 years, your trusted partner for chemical solutions in technical textiles and industrial applications.

Rescom è tra le poche aziende che ancora produce e propone compound a base di polimeri poliuretanici traspiranti usati come primer e top coat per spalmatura su supporti tessili.



Clothing and human body:  a possible interaction thanks to new high tech materials..



Rescom propone membrane impermeabili, traspiranti, in alluminio, flame retardant, PTFE.
Novità: le membrane colorate e FLUO che conferiscono ai capi una immagine fresca ed innovativa.



Green Chemicals for the textile sector is not just a passing trend is a challenge.  Rescom is your best partner.



Rescom propose new halogen free flame retardant product for technical textile, automotive and leather.


What can we do for you.

If you already have a clear idea of ​​the product you need for your collection or for your customercome visit us we can guide your choice to the best chemical solutions, and we can help you in looking for new sustainable chemicals.

We can create tailor-made compounds just for you.

Our team of highly qualified chemists listens attentively to your needs and create your new tailor-made compounds.



We can test the performance of your final product.

The final products are carefully examined and tested to comply with quality controls and clients’ specific needs: from the lab test to the industrial process simulations. 



We can supply small and large quantities.

Finally, we can provide both small and large quantities of the new range of products and ship it to any destination worldwide you need.

Continuously investing in chemical products, R&D for the textiles and leather industries, Rescom provides a full range of unique compounds for the fashion industry, sportswear, military and workwear, leather and synthetic leather, footwear, home decor, healthcare, automotive and constructions.

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  • Exclusive formulations to meet your specific needs
  • Range of products safe and REACH compliant
  • Laboratory samples and application tests
  • High quality selected raw materials
  • Worldwide shipment
  • Quantity on demand from small drums to tankers
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The Rescom laboratory creates custom-made products and can carry out the necessary tests to fine-tune the desired performances.