RESCOM’s laboratory conducts a broad range of client and market focused activities.

We strongly believe that innovation is the secret to success.

For this reason, we invest most of our time in researching new materials, processes and technologies, in order to maintain the highest-level quality standard.

Our customers expect performing, quality compounds and we do our utmost to exceed both our expectations and our customers’ needs. 

The research laboratory team works daily on:

  • new product research and development following internal idea generation;
  • client project research and development;
  • product development and fine tuning through application and use tests;
  • client technical consulting during the industrialisation and production phases;
  • functional testing on finished products where required.

The qualified team of chemists and technicians works on the formulation and modification of a wide range of chemical products: breathable, waterproof and adhesive products, printing pastes, halogen free flame retardants, functional membranes, and many other latest generation products.

customer oriented

Our technical staff support the client during the phases of application of the product in order to gain an understanding of the client’s procedures and processes and to optimise the performance of the Rescom product. A top high performance product must be used correctly if it is to give the desired result; to obtain best results in a short time frame Rescom’s technical staff support the client from the formulation stage to industrial application.

Rescom offers a wide variety of compounds. The company’s strength and its continued development come from its ability to respond to customer requests thanks to a constant focus on innovation.

The technical skills and capacity to work side by side with research Institutes such as Politecnico of Torino and different University team, allowed  Rescom to create a win win relationship focused on R&D.


The benefit of an internal laboratory.

We can intervene by making tailor-made samples for each customer’s need, incredibly quickly.

We can work on different projects for you at the same time. 

We can carry out in-house testing on the products we develop.

Aside from regular quality control activities, we can conduct industrial process simulations and test which include coating, dipping, and printing on various materials (fabric, wood, paper, leather, etc).


Spectrofotometer PerkinElmer FTIR.

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The Rescom laboratory creates custom-made products and can carry out the necessary tests to fine-tune the desired performances.